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Wired Outdoor PIR Detectors


WG-027:Product Name:Outdoor Dual Curtain Wired PIR Sensor With 24 Meter In 2 Sides



1.2 independent dual-element PIR detection to form up 4-zones detections
2. Adopt intelligent multi-grade signal processing software to analyze and manage various factors to reduce false alarm
3. Professional water proof design, suitable for outdoor operation
4. Double layer filtering system
5. Digital analysis pet immunity up to 30kg
6.Active infrared anti-mask technology, can detect the attempt of mask on PIR channel
7. High/middle/low sensitivities optional
8. Unique anti-mask, alarm signal output
9.Audio alarm to prevent vicious intrusion
10. IP55 water proof design, unique full range temperature compensation technology
11. Detection range: 12m on each side, total 24m

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