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Infrared Photobeams Detector

SMB Series

SMB-S series

Product Name:
Anti - Shear Waterproof Infrared Beams, Solar Power Alarm System With Digital Conversion



1.Original design, solar-powered, digital conversion, infrared alarm, and radio frequency emission, completely without wiring, convenient install;
2.Quad-band frequency conversion, multiple power adjustments, and non-interfering for installing more than two beans, blocking any two adjacent beam will alarm, effectively prevent false positives, false negative phenomenon,
3.Ultra-low power consumption: unique circuit design, use digital inverter technology with DSP processing technology
4.Solar back-up battery capacity, small size, can sustainable work 20 days in rainy weather;
5.aluminum alloy frame structure, durable, fully waterproof structure;
6.Tamper, anti-shear and fault self-test function design,
7.special optical structures with automatic gain circuit to adapt to a variety of adverse weather;



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