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Most Japan cities have them-a covered passageway with shops on each side known as arcade or shopping mall where people enjoy the convenience of shopping and dining on their way commuting back and forth into cities. Some arcades are built underground, combined diverse functions of walkways, shops, parking lots and subway entrances.

Disaster and crime prevention of underground arcades is important in ensuring that the security of underground facilities and the connecting buildings is strictly maintained. Among all the underground arcades in Japan featured with the largest floor areas is the arcade located in Osaka, where GeoVision’s GV-1408/1240 Combo digital surveillance solutions have been selected for installtion. The underground arcade, extending 730m and covering 81735m, has approximately 100 shops and restaurants and 1030 parking spaces underground. The Osaka arcade introduces new surveillance systems and equipments in an upgrade project which has employed GeoVision’s GV-1480/1240 Combo digital surveillance systems for the idea of security.

More than 120 fixed and PTZ cameras are installed in the Osaka arcade to ensure the arcade security and the safety of commuters, shoppers and shop owners. The arcade set up a control room that is functioned as a crime and disaster control and parking management center. The control room is equipped with a customized main monitor to view, control and manage all live video feeds, archives recorded video, emergency alarms and elevator intercom systems.

The main monitor commands real-time video to be displayed based on different types of events including motion-triggered video pop-ups, interphone activation, Even when the security staff is temporarily away from the control room, the main monitor will invoke alarm sound or send a cell phone email to notify the staff of the events, should an emergency alarm or elevator intercom is triggered.(From Security World April 2008)

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