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Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on the impact of Security Industry

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1, advocated "safe Olympics" and ruled out disaster losses 
In Beijing are extremely concerned about the ecological environment of today, environmental pollution has become a must to contain the indicators, the concept of a modern international metropolis is not only housing, automobiles, telecommunications, green spaces, urban lifeline of the normal supply system, the availability of emergency urban functions Circumstances of reliable input capacity, SARS invasion so that we pay more attention to this point - that is: the capital is normally the face of disasters and incidents of sudden » If not, then Beijing and the modernization of the international goal of building on an empty promise, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, "three" on the concept of a lack of security.
Beijing Disaster Reduction Society, president of Beijing Liu Zhihua, vice mayor of Beijing Disaster Reduction Society in the second session of Congress on the proposed Beijing ranked in the "top ten" major disasters: floods, weather disasters, earthquakes and geological disasters, The fire and explosions, traffic accidents, incidents urban lifeline system, urban epidemic, urban industrial disasters and environmental hazards, "constructive destruction" of the disaster, accident, and so on campus. Therefore, Beijing disaster prevention and reduction of the task is not simply on the situation of the disaster, while in urban modernization and the ability to deal with unexpected incidents with a high degree of security to protect Beijing. Domestic and foreign mega-cities run a successful practice has repeatedly proven that urban safety and emergency response capacity is the first.
To sum up, the building of the Olympic Games, "the three concepts" is inseparable from the "safe Olympics". From the perspective of disaster reduction measures and thinking is a high standard of scientific management of the city of new ideas.
Security and disaster reduction,” I-tech Olympics." For the Safety of science and technology starting from the "safe Olympics" concept should at least be reflected in the following aspects: how to make the Olympic venues and facilities from the first building on the planning and design consistent with the overall planning of Beijing City disaster prevention and mitigation requirements of the idea, although now from the planning Design sense, a series of disaster risk assessment techniques and methods, but the lack of urban complex system to deal with the scientific assessment methods; not only the role of science and technology to disaster reduction in the earthquake, windbreak, pollution control Zhu Fang breakthrough surface, the decision-making Scientific, such as the Beijing city must deal with unexpected incidents develop a scientific plan to develop the city's comprehensive disaster reduction and prevention of emergency, such as technology and industry;
And for the Safety of "Green Olympics." International experiences have proved that: ignore the mitigation of environmental protection is not established, ignored the Green Olympics disaster reduction is also one-sided.
Security and disaster reduction "People's Olympics." From the United Nations advocated by the disaster prevention and mitigation perspective, Beijing's "People's Olympics" should be the building of protection of traditional culture of disaster reduction to the high degree of security, not only should not blindly demolished the traditional Chinese culture, particularly for the old building to the cultural inheritance Protection to a comprehensive assessment. Therefore it and by advocating a "safe" city safety culture, for the Safety of the "People's Olympics" concept further into the high degree of protection of cultural heritage, which is beyond ordinary human and cultural vision of the new building measures.

2, the importance of Olympic security issues
Successful hosting of the Olympic Games security is the fundamental protection and major symbol of one of the previous Olympic Games a prerequisite for success. But in Olympic history has there been a bloody terrorist incidents Olympics. In the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany, the Palestinian terrorist organization "Black September commando" breaking the Olympic Village security line of defense, attacks on Israeli athletes resident shot and killed two members of the last hostage and shot and killed nine hostages. 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the joy of the Olympic Park crowd sudden explosion, causing one death, more than 100 people were injured. Since then, the Olympic host country in the security work in the not take it lightly.

3, the security industry and the Olympic Games
According to "Scientific Olympics" the general requirement of security products will be widely used in Beijing urban infrastructure facilities and expertise in the construction. To ensure the 2008 Olympic Games foolproof, the Chinese Ministry of Public Security Technology, and other security sector in October 2002 that held the largest "China Security Forum" to build the Olympic Games Security theoretical system. 2008, the new Beijing 29 Olympic facilities will be set up large explosion-proof safety inspection equipment, security alarm equipment, and import and export control system. At the same time, more than 800 star hotels in Beijing also needs a substantial increase in fire prevention and monitoring equipment, reported. The next seven years, Beijing will also more than 9 million square meters of decreit housing the implementation of transformation, built thousands of new security area. From now to 2008, the Beijing Olympics will create the cause of public safety 50 billion Yuan of the market.

4, the Olympic Security specific market development opportunities forecast
Olympics will bring increased security needs of the market. Throughout the world, as the international security situation in the growing complexity of the host country of the Olympic Games security rapid increase in investment. According to information provided by the International Olympic Committee, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics security funds invested 82.5 million U.S. dollars, the 2000 Sydney Olympics security funds soared to 198 million U.S. dollars, the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics because of the "911" the impact of additional security costs to 4.9 100 million U.S. dollars, the 2004 Athens Olympic Games security budget for is as high as 600 million U.S. dollars. U.S. Security Industry GDP growth rate from 1995 to 1996 time high, surged 3 billion U.S. dollars a year (from 10.2 to 13.2 billion U.S. dollars), it is clear that pulling the Atlanta Olympic Games Security consumption and stimulate the Security The rapid economic growth.
Security Application of the market can use their own Olympic Games and external to describe. Directly applied to the former Olympic venues and related facilities in the security services demand. First Olympic Games training venues in Beijing plans to build 19 (including six temporary stadium), Extension 13, a total of 32, faced with the original venue-technology facilities and the construction of sound, and new stadiums-technology facilities The construction of Olympic-related support services and facilities, during the Olympic Games for the Olympic family members, national political figures, journalists and spectators to provide regional services, buildings and facilities and the other is focused on key targets, including the provision of services for the Olympic Games an important communications facilities, water Electric Thermal need special protection and other goals, in accordance with the overall planning of Beijing Kejichuangan the requirements of the end of 2007, the city's vital targets, and key areas, bustling place Kejichuangan 100 per cent target. The latter is the Olympic venues and surrounding areas of the city, refers to the Olympic Games to create a safe and stable external environment. Kejichuangan community will be key, all types of new housing for urban residents to comply with anti-technology specifications, has built residential investment will also gradually skills-building, to 2006 the city's civil air defense, anti-technology, anti-organic integration of the safety of the community 95 percent, the Olympic 100% of the surrounding communities.
First, the consumer market matures, users will be focused on the transfer.

At present, video conferencing users are mainly the traditional video conferencing users, including government departments and monopolistic nature of some of the major user industries such as telecommunications, finance, etc. The second category is strong potential demand does not have the background of large enterprise customers; third Class of users are SMEs users; there is a class of small, micro-enterprise customers.

The traditional video conferencing users as video conferencing products currently the main user base, after all, the overall number is limited, the development trend of mainly relying on two, three network-building and further extension of the infiltration, this part of users will be stable development , Will not be too substantial growth. The second category of users, mainly due to some large enterprise customers, in China's accession to the WTO, under increasingly severe pressure on the trend of international competition, had to take into account further enhance the management level and efficiency, enhancing their competitiveness , And, therefore, the video conferencing product demand, while at the same time, the number of users in China at present there are about 30,000 around Evidently enterprise-class users of video conferencing products of the future demand for video conferencing market is the major growth point .

In addition, there are 500,000 small and medium enterprises and 8 million users of small, micro-enterprises, such users now have video conferencing, Voice, VPN, such as leasing demand, as enterprise customers the video of the promotion, will also lead This part of the business-to-video product demand, while small and medium enterprise market with the launch and growth, will bring video conferencing breakthrough in the development of the market.

Second, the mixed network, the enterprise network applications increasingly become the mainstream, communications operator market, the market value-added operations, is expected to prompt start.

With the development of ICT networks and telecommunications infrastructure to reduce the operating costs, makes the broadband network to provide low-cost, high-quality, professional-level video conferencing possible. Network technology and the increasing integration of video technology, IP-based network of video applications are gradually being optimistic about emerging markets. From the operator's point of view, the development of broadband video services for the development is beneficial. The development of broadband fixed-line operators, broadband terminal to innovate. Video communications can be bundled with ADSL, such as promoting the development of broadband. Surveys show that China now has 8 percent of broadband users that would like to use the video business, with 30 million broadband subscribers, 2.4 million have video business market. So, with mobile broadband networks, video communications will become very good broadband business. For enterprises, broadband networks and network costs come down, video communications equipment costs have fallen, greatly reduced the threshold of the video, video communications needs of enterprises will continue to increase, supply and demand of the two sides will promote each other forming a virtuous circle, thus bringing the video market Breakthrough in the development.

However, from now, the major telecom operators have not yet entered the video communications to promote large-scale, there are two main reasons: First, since the video conference involving branches of the enterprise network cabling problems, and the corporate offices of the line may Belong to different telecommunications companies, enterprises, all of this change a company's telecommunications lines and a little reluctance, how can the coordination of different lines under the video and audio quality, belonging to the different competitors in terms of telecommunications companies is a problem; second , Video conferencing related to the overall service and debugging, video conferencing not only to provide lines and equipment, how coordinated a nationwide project debugging services on the telecommunications companies are also not prepared adequately, but if you have to integrate to third-party systems integration company How to cooperate to ensure that their business interests also need to try. Third, the core of carrier-class video is the commercial mode of operation of the debate: how to make video conferencing business to truly become profitable value-added telecom services » Through carrier-class video conferencing business driven from the telecom operators, content providers, industry service providers, suppliers and end-users among the healthy value chain » These are currently troubled carrier-class video conferencing and telecommunications operators to popularize the urgent need to answer the question. This shows that the communication operators market, the market value of the carrier also needs prompt start of a breakthrough in the development of "bottlenecks."

Third, technological innovation will meet the needs of the user-oriented.

Video market competition becoming increasingly fierce, the market focus is being quietly moved, the user is gradually occupy the leading position, therefore, video manufacturers must jump out from the self-perspective, to flexibility, customer-oriented business customers, create more than they imagined Value. In fact, video conferencing technology products has been relatively more mature consumer market, in which the user to gradually occupy the dominant position of the background, the focus on technology research and development fell relative to meet the needs of the user's needs-oriented.

From 05 technology development trend, high-end products began to clear, the development of low-bandwidth, H.264 video become a hot technology in the market, Polycom, Ted, SONY, and other foreign enterprises to realize H.264 Technology, while Huawei, ZTE, Zhongtai, DSTMedia, such as domestic enterprises have also introduced the use of H.264 technology products. However, H.264 technology to solve the problem only in the narrow bandwidth transmission of higher quality video to show the high definition picture quality. Evidently, H.264 technology enables multimedia communications market is full of vigor and vitality, but also the development of the entire market bottlenecks encountered, to make real video product users, Mass, will become the 06 closely watched industry Direction.

In addition, the NGN in 2005 and 3 G network has been getting closer to carrying mainly of multimedia applications for next-generation video network bring about new opportunities. However, as from people concerned about the number of network bandwidth trillion to be more concerned about what the next generation network applications like video products will also be making application to the quality of video competition.

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